We deliver value through Digital Growth, Innovative Strategy and Excellent Execution

The LM Ops Difference

Cutting Edge Strategy

We are experts at creating strategies to grow service companies.

Digital Experience

Our team has helped 50+ service companies grow significantly using Digital Marketing.

Track Record

We have successfully acquired and grown 5 service companies in the last 3 years.

Who We Are

In the digital world we live in, successful service companies require a certain mindset & savvy to continue thriving and growing profitability.

We bring strategic & digital excellence to service companies, supercharging them for fast & sustainable growth.

Our Secret Sauce

With the average service business owner’s age 50+ with low digital marketing savvy and understanding, our digital growth approach brings a strong & safe investment vehicle to the marketplace, providing a strong edge.

Investment Criteria

LM Invests in service companies in the $200K-$1M/year EBIT range, with strong operational teams and reputation, and underutilized digital marketing presence.

Our Process

Step #1

Dealflow Generation for Targets in Criteria

We specialize in Deal Flow Generation from on market & off market sources.

Step #2

Due Dilligence & Strategic Planning

Once a company passes our criteria, financial & market analysis, we extend an offer and begin DD.

Step #3

Successful Acquisition & Off To The Races

Once the investment is completed, we move directly to our strategic execution plan to grow the business.

This May Be The Most Important Deal Of Your Life.
Get The Best Out Of It.