The LM Ops team has been involved in acquisitions, digital marketing and business growth for the last decade.

The LM Ops Difference

Cutting Edge Strategy

We are experts at creating strategies to grow service companies.

Digital Experience

Our team has helped 50+ service companies grow significantly using Digital Marketing.

Track Record

We have successfully acquired and grown 5 service companies in the last 3 years.

Our Team


David Lahav

David bought his first business during freshman year in college, it was an online website selling reading glasses called TrendyGlasses.net.

Shortly after, David started his first service company Red Rocks Locksmith, and was taken back by the fast success achieved by applying digital growth strategies to a local service company.

Since then, David has started a digital marketing company focused on helping investors grow their service companies via digital strategy & growth.

After starting and growing numerous service businesses, David saw the benefit of acquiring small businesses and growing them over starting them from scratch.


Michele Zangrandi

Michele is a UX Designer and Entrepreneur who helped growing Agencies and Saas Companies in Italy, Switzerland, Australia, and the US, using the Design-Led approach.

He believes that in a world with an infinite offer, creating unforgettable customer experiences is the single biggest competitive advantage you can have.

Co-founder of the eCommerce-Booster company, Shopify Builders, and CEO of the Investment-Focused Digital Marketing Agency Lahav Media, he is a strong advocate for the Design Thinking approach as key to solving clients’ problems.


Nadav Eyal

With passion for technology and business, Nadav built his first startup (Robotics Software) during his studies at the Technion university – BSc Mechanical Engineering.

With abundant experience in the startup scene as a founder and as the leading executive of the Technion BizTEC competition for startups, Nadav brings to the table systematic startup analytic approach to comprehend, analyze, plan and execute a strategic business plan to achieve business growth

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